Northern Soul prides itself on the good wholesome food we serve to our guests. Vegetarian options are available for any of our programs. We use local produce when ever possible and prepare all the dehydrated food ourselves to ensure quality. Your typical menu may consist of the following:

Breakfast: A hot cereal and sometimes pancakes (depending on the group size) with dried fruit coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Snacks: The famous G.O.R.P. break! If you have never heard of GORP before, it is a potent mixture of grains raisins and chocolate ie. High Octane energy food that has been fuelling adventure travellers since …well… a long time anyhow!

Lunch: MMM Lunch! The trusted sandwich makes up the bulk of NSWA’s lunch menu. It is not uncommon that our lunches are complimented with a side of Pickerel (walleye) or Jack (northern) fish but that depends on the skill level of our anglers! When the weather is less than desirable a big pot of soup is put on to warm you up.

Supper: Wow, supper, many of our past guests wonder why we do not open a restaurant, or at least cater. It really is crazy how darn good the food is! Dish after dish of incredible meals served day after day! How do we do it? We just do.