Seal River

The Seal River is a river on the edge of two of Canada’s eco-regions: the boreal forest to the south, and the arctic tundra to the north.

The Seal River drains into the Hudson’s Bay where the surreal landscape, characterised by a huge inter-tidal zone, heralds your arrival. Ancient relics of glacial rivers called eskers, some as long as 10 kms, highlight many of the campsites along the banks of the Seal.
These eskers offer excellent hiking and an unequalled opportunity to explore the boreal forest.

The wildlife viewing along Seal is unlike anywhere else in Manitoba. Your trip holds the possibility of sighting the elusive harbour seal, caribou, wolf, bald eagles, and, if you’re really lucky, you might even have the chance to paddle amongst a pod of beluga whales in the estuary of the Seal River.