Quest for the Bay – World Broadcast Premier
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Paul Gossen of Northern Soul joins seven Yorkmen on their 1,200 Km journey through Manitoba’s wilderness. Tune into the series and discover Manitoba’s beautiful Hayes River. But don’t just watch it on T.V…. join Paul this summer for the vacation of a lifetime as he leads unforgetable canoe trips down the Hayes River.
Adventure is calling You!

Explore some of North America’s most pristine rivers by canoe.

Feel the pulse-pounding exhilaration of successfully negotiating a set of rapids, the sense of veneration from an encounter with some of the diverse wildlife, the serenity of a sunset reflected upon still water.

With one of the lowest population densities in Canada, Manitoba offers a wilderness canoeing experience unmatched anywhere else in Canada.

Our highly skilled team of professional guides will bring you to places you never thought possible. Expand your knowledge of the outdoors, and leave your city-life behind.

Dip your cup in the water and drink from Manitoba’s wilderness!

Northern Soul Wilderness Adventures’ canoeing programs offer exciting getaways for all levels of experience; from novice to veteran, Northern Soul will bring you on an adventure tailored for you.
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We divide our vacations into regions:

Sub-Arctic (river)
Hayes River and Seal River

Known as the land of the little sticks. Manitoba’s sub-arctic region is a beautiful pristine wilderness waiting to be discovered. Both the Seal and Hayes rivers have sections that travel through the sub-arctic.

Canadian Shield – Boreal Forest (river):
Pigeon River, Bloodvein River, and Manigotagan River

The Canadian Shield is mother nature at her best. Stunning beauty takes shape in water, trees and ancient rock. The shield is a canoeist paradise. The Pigeon, Bloodvein, and Manigotagan Rivers flow through some of Canada’s most pristine natural spaces.

As you plan your adventure, and questions arise, please call or email us at adventure@northernsoul.ca by calling. We will eagerly answer your questions, offer valuable insights and send or email you in-depth information on any trips you request.