The Seal River

14 Nights

Polar bears, beluga whales and a depth of wilderness few can comprehend characterize this waterway. The Seal River winds its way through the venerable landscape of the subarctic before it spills into Hudson Bay. On the banks of the Seal River, you will camp on ancient eskers, age-old beds of sediment left behind by retreating glaciers. These eskers also allow for unequalled hiking opportunities that will let you explore this fascinating landscape. As well on this trip, you may well sight seals
(go figure), caribou, wolves,
bald eagles, and-an
experience you will not
want to miss-beluga

July 31 - August 15, 2014

Price: $4,795.00 CAD + taxes
Skill Level: Intermediate
Access: Charter flight x 2
Egress: Your choice, plane or train

Seal River, Manitoba, Canada

Seal River - To Hudson Bay.pdf (270kb)

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