Famous Bulletproof Car from the Movies

A bulletproof car has become pretty common these days. As a matter of fact, it has become a necessity for some people. These days armored cars being used in the movies. The movies show modern tanks, luxury armored cars, and regular bulletproof vehicles. Various kinds of armored cars and trucks are available in the market. In fact, even many businesses do not know how they will be able to benefit from armored trucks and armored cars to their vehicle fleet.

armored car

Armored Cars Used in Films

Aston Martin DB5: This is the most famous car in the world. James Bond used this in the movie Goldfinger. Bulletproof screen, deadly extendable wheel spinners, and front mounted machine guns.

Batmobile: This is the star wheeler of 1960s. Bruce Wayne’s car is known to have taken many forms. This is hybrid of Lamborghini and Hummer.

Aston Martin Vanquish: This is from the unforgettable Bond film, Die Another Day. It helped Aston to become invisible to the naked eye. This is mad but a brilliant invention.

OM Leoncino: The OM Leoncino featured in the Italian Job. It is a small lorry which is used for transporting the gold which had been designed by Charlie Croker’s gang.

Benefits of Armored Cars

You are living in an imperfect world. Here are some benefits of using a bulletproof car for protecting you and your clients.

Escort in Safety: A bulletproof car can be quite useful for the protection companies. In case it escorts celebrities, executives, and military personnel an armored car will help in showing your respect towards the clients. It will show that you have put in an extra effort to provide them protection. Again, if you need money on a regular basis or escort clients, and armored vehicle will prove to be savvy investment. This will help you to prepare for the worst situations.

Discreet Protection

These days, a majority of a bulletproof car is discreet enough. Thus, it appears just like the regular cars. This is the reason it is used in the movies. Nonetheless, these cars have enhanced suspension, bulletproof glass, and also armored plates for the purpose of security. Strong armored cars will offer you utmost protection, particularly in a military situation. This is the perfect vehicle for transporting someone to the most dangerous place on the earth. It also helps in protecting the valuable assets. These vehicles have advanced security measures like powerful engines, flat tires, and more.

High Class Vehicle

Just one of these vehicles will be truly worthwhile in your entire collection of cars. You might not know when you have to attend to an important political figure. Or move some valuable assets of your company. This is an extra line of security which will be worth the investment that you make. Make sure that you consider the alternatives which are involved with the worst-case scenario. With the help of a bulletproof car, you will be able to prevent the loss of lives.

The best thing about armored vehicles is that it will keep your car from getting damaged. Hence, you do not have to worry that it will be damaged pretty easily. If you use armored vehicles, it will truly increase your safety.  Hence, you will gain a peace of mine with an armored cars.